About Hannah Morris and SEN Bitesize

Hello, I'm Hannah Morris, an independent Educational Psychologist, with 13 years experience of assessing children's strengths and difficulties, as well as advising families and schools for how to help with learning, behaviour and development.

Since qualifying as an Educational Psychologist, with distinction, at the Institute of Education, I have gained extensive professional and voluntary experience in areas such as psychology, teaching, special educational needs (SEN), counselling, governance, trusteeship, youth work, consultancy and leadership. As well as undertaking individual case work, I have delivered a wide range of training to schools, parents and foster carers. Topics covered include memory, maths, literacy, bereavement and loss, early years, gifted and talented, attachment, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autism. 

My clients often tell me that homework is a struggle for their children. They want to help, and for home learning to be a positive experience, but are not sure where to start. SEN Bitesize courses have been specially constructed for parents and carers who have children with additional needs. I explain strategies for how to support children overcome emotional barriers to learning, improve their understanding of concepts and thinking processes needed for developing specific skills, and make the most of what they are taught. 

Lessons are engaging and easily accessible, so no previous training is required. The activity programmes provided are based on my knowledge of psychological research and approaches I recommend to families I work with. The programmes have been designed to make it easier for you to motivate your child in learning, and guide you in what to say and do when trying to help them understand concepts and develop their skills.

My educational psychology practice is founded on the principle of understanding. I hope that, through sharing my expertise in the psychology of teaching and learning, I will empower you in developing your knowledge, so you'll have more tools for engaging and supporting your child with home learning. 

Understanding is the first step in knowing how to help your child.

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