How do I teach my child to read, spell and do maths?

Expert guidance on how to help your child learn at home

When children have special educational needs (SEN), helping with their home learning can be daunting and stressful. But it doesn't need to be. With SEN Bitesize help is at hand! 

Hello and welcome, I'm Hannah Morris, an Educational Psychologist. 

I've created a range of affordable online courses that are designed specifically for parents and carers of children with SEN, giving you the knowledge and tools for how to engage, support and inspire your child in developing their reading, spelling and maths skills.

When children find learning hard, it can be heart breaking to watch them struggle through their education. 

You desperately want to help your child, but perhaps are not sure what to say and do? What skills should you focus on and what's the best approach? 

I've been answering questions like these for over 13 years and am thrilled to be sharing my expertise with even more parents and carers through SEN Bitesize courses.  


Here's what parents and carers say about SEN Bitesize courses

Excellent, Helpful Information

K Reynard

I highly recommend this Bitesize course to other parents of kids with SEN, struggling with the challenges of engaging their child with learning. Friendly, useful information with practical examples of how to implement learning. Right length of time and you can dip in and out of it if you need to. I watched it twice and will watch the others!!!

Excellent Support and Information

J Hill

Highly recommend. This should really be shared with all parents and be an introduction to any school learning done at home, at any time (the beginning of the start of school life, change of school or for general homework, not just the long periods of lockdown home learning). The First Aid to home learning for parents and pupils.

Very Informative

E Chappell

I think this is excellent and found it very informative. Some excellent exercises and strategies, which will really engage children. I also really like the videos of the children in practice - it brings it to life. The piece on dyslexia was of great interest for me as I think my daughter may be dyslexic. It was good to understand much more around this. Thank you.

Fascinating Insight

C Hewitt

This is a relaxed, helpful course into how to approach math's with your child/children. I know from experience that this subject is always challenging. Hannah explains what children and parents feel towards maths in a very understandable manner. She removes the complicated jargon, the overwhelming need to always get it right and simplifies it, reminding us that maths is fun. She gives great techniques to use and games to play. Her explanation of dyscalculia was brilliant. Fascinating insight. Would recommend this course.

Highly Recommend

J Thurlow

This really is in bitesize chunks, with visuals, text, and video to help you in whichever way you prefer to learn. There are lots of methods for you to adapt for the child you are helping, depending on their age, need, and interests. It's also really hard to find help with spellings, so it's great that it's on here with reading. Highly recommend this course if you want to help your child at home, and you can download the slides at the end to refer back to.


H McRory Brockhurst

This is fantastic and so helpful. Simple, easy to understand instructions and ideas. It was interesting and the videos are brilliant!! They show exactly what you mean and how to teach them to your child. I would definitely recommend to a friend.

Very Useful Course

K Rowland

I really enjoyed the course and found it very useful. The approach was easy to follow and understand. The videos were really helpful to watch how you do it. I would definitely recommend this to friends. Thank you.

Make home learning EASIER

Ready to discover how to help your child with maths, reading and spelling?

SEN Bitesize Courses

Suitable for parents and carers with children aged 5-10 years

Join me, as I explain the thinking and memory processes that underpin each skillset, so you will understand the concepts your child is trying to make sense of. 

There are video demonstrations of specific teaching approaches, alongside methods, strategies and expert tips, giving you the confidence to know how to help your child succeed.

I believe that the way a child learns is just as important as what they learn. This is why all courses include specially designed activity programmes that use games and crafts to enhance the learning experience, reduce emotional barriers and increase motivation. 

Because you're guided in how to support your child's development through play and creativity, with SEN Bitesize home learning can be fun for everyone.

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What to expect from SEN Bitesize courses


What's it like to learn through SEN Bitesize?

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Why SEN Bitesize?

  • Designed and delivered by an Educational Psychologist, providing expert and specialist guidance on ways to make your child’s home learning a positive experience.

  • Designed for non-teachers and jargon free, helping you understand important aspects of processing, thinking and memory that are needed for specific skills.

  • Content developed from years of experience working with schools and advising parents and carers of children who have special educational needs.

  • Presented using video and visual materials, including demonstration clips, that are engaging and easy to understand.

  • Unlimited access! Courses can be completed in under an hour, or viewed anytime to fit in with your lifestyle.

  • Key information and activity programmes are available to download so you can refer back to them.


Take a look at these videos from SEN Bitesize courses where I bust some myths and explain key facts about dyslexia and dyscalculia.

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